1954 on The New York Times Playlist

Very honored to have my new record, 1954 was featured in the New York Times playlist by critic Nate Chinen.

"Ricardo Grilli is a postbop guitarist with a sideline interest in the cosmos. He crowded his new album, “1954,” with tracks bearing titles like “Cosmonauts” and “Radiance.” Rather than a gimmick, the concept feels like a natural fit for Mr. Grilli, who was born in São Paulo but now lives in Brooklyn, and has a taste for the ultramodern. There’s an attractively questing quality in the album’s opener, “Arcturus,” named after the brightest star in the Northern sky. Featuring an A-list rhythm team — the pianist Aaron Parks, the bassist Joe Martin, the drummer Eric Harland — it has a driving rock groove over which Mr. Grilli unfurls a coolly billowing solo." N.C.