Sound It Out Series - Motian in Motion

I recently had the pleasure to take part in an event paying tribute to the legendary Paul Motian.

The event was conceived by Bradley Bambarger and organized by saxophonist Michael Attias. 

I can surely say it was one of the most fun and beautiful nights I've had playing music and I got to hear and perform with truly amazing musicians: Michael AttiasLoren StillmanDan Blake, and Adam Kolker; trumpeter Ralph Alessi; guitarist André Matos; pianists Frank KimbroughRuss Lossing, and Jacob Sacks; bassists Sean ConlyLim Yang, and Chris Lightcap; and drummers Vinnie SperrazzaHarris EisenstadtBilly MintzSatoshi TakeishiJeff Davis, and Francisco Mela. Definitely food for my soul. PHOTO CREDIT: CLARA PEREIRA WWW.JAZZTRAIL.NET

This is what music is about.